A comprehensive guide to Dual Credit and High School Visitor

A Comprehensive Guide to
Dual Credit Program
The University of
Program Overview
• The University of Louisville High School Dual Credit Program
offers qualified, local high school students the opportunity to
earn college and high school credit simultaneously before
they receive their high school diploma. Benefits of the
program are to:
Develop a college transcript while in high school
Experience college curriculum and instructional methods
Shorten the amount of time required to complete a college degree
Save money by paying less per credit hour than a regular U of L college
• Offer high school students the amenities of a U of L college student: free
TARC access, free access to U of L’s libraries, and free access to our brand
new student recreation center.
Grades and policies
Students who enroll in the dual credit program must be
fully prepared for the challenges of taking a college level
course. Students will receive grades for dual credit based on
the University of Louisville grading scale. Teachers
communicate this grading scale to students, parents, and
the school community on a regular basis. Under FERPA
privacy rules, the instructor cannot communicate student
progress with parents. Only the student can access his or
her grades. The final grades become a part of the student’s
permanent college record.
Transferring Credits
• It is important to note that acceptance as a dual credit
student does not guarantee acceptance to U of L as an
undergraduate student.
• Students enrolling in and completing a dual credit course will
obtain a college transcript. The grade will be automatically
recorded on their student record at U of L.
• If the student wishes to have the credits transferred elsewhere, they
must contact the Registrar’s office to request a copy of their transcript.
The student should contact their prospective college or university for
transfer credit guidelines.
• If the student wishes to continue education at U of L, the credits will
automatically appear on the student’s record.
Student Eligibility
• Students at participating schools who wish to enroll in dual credit must have a
3.0 cumulative GPA and satisfy the following criteria:
• For English 101 (one of the following):
Reading sub score on ACT 20
Reading sub score on SAT 480
Reading sub score on PSAT 50
Reading sub score on PLAN 19
• Exception: Students with a reading subscore of 19 on the ACT may become eligible by submitting a
writing sample to be evaluated by the U of L English Dual Credit Coordinator.
• Humanities and other general education courses
• Students wishing to take Humanities dual credit courses should meet minimum grades
of eligibility. U of L reserves the right to change or add student eligibility requirements
based on the rigors of the course being offered.
Student Eligibility
• For Math 109 or Math 111, students must have a 3.0 cumulative Math GPA
and one of the following:
Mathematics subscore on ACT of 21
Mathematics subscore on SAT of 500
Mathematics subscore of PSAT 50
Exception: Students with mathematics subscores of 20 on the ACT, 480 on the SAT,
or 48 on PSAT are eligible to take the U of L Math Placement Exam and if they
score 11 or higher, they are eligible as well.
• For Math 190, students must have a 3.0 cumulative Math GPA and one of
the following:
Mathematics subscore on ACT of 23
Mathematics subscore on SAT of 540
Mathematics subscore on PSAT of 55+
Passing grade in Math 111
Exception: Students with mathematics subscores of 22 on the ACT, 520 on the SAT
or 53 on PSAT are eligible to take the U of L Math Placement Exam and if they
score 16 or higher, they are eligible as well.
The Registration Process
• A high school student may apply for dual credit only if
their high school is participating in the University of
Louisville’s dual credit program. Interested students
should see their academic counselor for more
• If the school they attend offers dual credit courses, the
student will apply and register for courses through their
high school. Please do not apply online.
Checklist for dual credit admission and
A dual credit representative from U of L will visit applicants’ high school to hand out
and then later to collect the following important documents:
 U of L Application (paper form- please do not apply online)
 Application fee ($50)
• Make check payable to the University of Louisville. No cash will be taken.
• Students participating in Free/Reduced lunch will not need to pay this fee.
U of L Academic and Financial Policy Student/Parent Agreement
 High School Transcript, including ACT, SAT or other qualifying test scores
 Letter of recommendation from guidance counselor
 Letter to verify participation in free and reduced lunch program (if
Course registration form
Steps following admission: Pay your bill
• Soon after registering in a course, high school visitors will receive a
bill in the mail. The bill will depend on the cost of tuition for that
academic year and the number of credit hours they are taking, but
will always be less than a normal U of L student’s tuition. This bill
will also include a separate student recreational center fee.
• High school visitors may pay their bill by mail to the Bursar’s office,
in person at the Bursar’s office, or online on the Bursar’s office
webpage for a small fee.
• For Free/Reduced Lunch Students:
• If students provide a letter from their respective high school stating they
take part in the Free/Reduced Lunch program, both their admission and
course fees are waived.
• Free/Reduced Lunch students are still required to pay the Student
Recreation fee. This is a nominal fee (for 2013-2014, it was $8.25 per
credit hour) that gives students access to U of L’s brand new recreational
Steps following admission: Pick up your
Cardinal Card
• The Cardinal Card is the U of L student ID card that grants dual
credit students many of the amenities of a U of L student,
including free rides on the TARC, U of L’s libraries, and U of L’s
recreation center.
• A student must first be registered in their course, and then
they may visit campus either with their high school class or
individually to have their Cardinal Card made.
• To have their card made, a student should visit the lower level
of the Houchens Building on campus with a valid photo ID.
Steps following admission: Activate your
• A student’s user ID and student ID number are very important
identifiers used by the University. If a dual credit student attends U
of L as a college student in the future, these IDs will stay the same,
so they should be careful not to misplace them.
• A letter will be sent in the mail providing a student’s Username ID,
Student ID number, and instructions for activating their account.
They can also find instructions at:
• Once their ID and password are set up, they will be able to access
their ULink, Blackboard and Cardmail accounts using the same ID
and password combination.
Student Accounts
Go to U of L’s homepage, listed below, and click on
“My Accounts” in the upper right portion of the screen. A
list of accounts will appear.
Student Accounts: ULink
• ULink is a web portal for all U of L student and staff that offers
access to:
• Billing account
• Records
• Financial aid
• Personal information
• Campus resources
• Grades
• Transcript requests
• Dual credit students will use Ulink mainly to view their bill, check
their final grade (s), and request transcripts.
• To visit ULink, either use the accounts popup discussed on the
previous slide or visit http://ulink.louisville.edu
Student Accounts: Cardmail
• Dual credit students are provided a U of L student email
account called Cardmail. All official communication will be
sent to this account, despite what email account they list as
their personal email. So students should check this account
• To access Cardmail, visit https://cardmail.louisville.edu/
•Username is [email protected]
•Password is the same one the student set up when activating their
Student Accounts: Blackboard
• Blackboard is a web tool that allows students to access
resources uploaded by their teachers, access grades, and turn
in assignments or even take exams.
• Dual credit teachers may or may not choose to use
Blackboard. Regardless, it may be a good idea for dual credit
students to visit and explore Blackboard, as many universities
now use it in every classroom.
• Blackboard login information is the same user id and password
combination set up when the student activates their account.
For more information
Jeanne Guerrero, Director
University of Louisville
Office of Admissions
Houchens Rm. #150Q
Louisville, KY 40292
(502) 852-8110
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