College Credit Plus Program

The University of Akron
College Credit Plus Program
What is the College Credit Plus
• The College Credit Plus Program was
created by the Ohio Legislature to allow
students to earn college credits while still
in high school.
• Students receive both high school and
college credit simultaneously.
• Tuition, fees and textbooks related to the
coursework are provided to the student
free of charge.
Options for Classes…
Akron Campus
Wayne College
Medina County University
Distance Learning
or Dual Enrollment
in the High School
Midpoint Campus Center
in Brunswick
Lakewood Center
Admission Requirements
Preferred requirements for all applicants:
· 3.00 cumulative GPA
· 21 ACT composite or 990 SAT Math & Critical Reading
combined score
·The Office of Admissions will evaluate the cumulative
GPA and ACT or SAT scores to determine college
readiness for applicants not meeting the preferred
· A minimum ACT English score of 18 or SAT
Critical Reading score of 430 is required for all
applicants (No exceptions.)
How to Apply
• Complete an Undergraduate Admission Application
• Submit high school transcripts
• Print and Submit the Signature Page
• Submit ACT or SAT scores (testing must be completed
prior to the application deadlines)
• The application deadline for the fall semester is May 15
• The spring semester deadline is October 15
Students applying to enroll at the Akron Campus, MCUC, the Midpoint Campus
Center, the Lakewood Center or in distance learning classes must apply to the
Akron Campus.
Students applying to enroll at Wayne College must apply to Wayne.
Test Dates
• National ACT – Test Date
Registration Date
February 7, 2015 January 9, 2015
April 18, 2015
March 13, 2015
• Residual ACT – Test Date
Registration Date
February 21, 2015 February 19, 2015
May 9, 2015
May 7, 2015
• National SAT – Test Date
March 14, 2015
May 2, 2015
Registration Date
February 13, 2015
April 6, 2015
College Credit Plus Expenses
• All tuition, fees, and textbooks are free of
• The only fees required to enroll at The
University of Akron are ACT/SAT Test fees
Other Potential Expenses
• Students must pay tuition expenses to the
school district for any course withdrawals or
failed courses.
New Student Orientation
• All College Credit Plus students must attend a
New Student Orientation.
• During Orientation you will:
Complete placement testing (if needed)
Meet with an academic adviser
Register for classes
Receive your Zip Card (UA ID)
General Information
• College Credit Plus students follow The University of
Akron calendar/schedule.
• Your attendance is mandatory, as it is in high school.
• UA transcripts will be issued to the students’
respective high schools once all textbooks and nonconsumable items have been returned at semester’s
– Students can access their grades on the UA website
through the “My Akron”.
Academic Requirements/Policies
• Students must maintain a minimum 2.0
GPA to remain in good academic standing.
• Students are responsible for adhering to all
University rules and regulations as
published in the Undergraduate Bulletin.
Academic Support and Resources
• Students are encouraged to use academic
support resources such at tutoring and the
Writing and Math Labs.
• Online e-tutoring is also available,
especially for students enrolled in
distance learning classes.
• Students are also encouraged to take full
advantage of resources such as the Library
and email services.
• Mandatory advising appointments are
required to register each semester.
Class Selection
College Credit Plus students may take a wide variety of
university classes, but many take General Education classes
which also fulfill high school graduation requirements. The
only restrictions on classes are that students must meet
necessary placement and/or prerequisite requirements.
Students also cannot exceed the total number of allowable
credits between the high school and the University.
Classes have included:
• Government & Politics in the U.S. •Psychology
• Economics
• English Composition
• Physical Education and Health
• Geology
• Chinese
•State and Local Government
Options after High School
• Always remember that your participation
in College Credit Plus is the start of your
college transcript.
• To continue at UA after graduation, you
must reapply as a new freshman in your
senior year.
– You will be required to pay the
application or orientation fees to reapply.
– You will be eligible for scholarship
consideration and selective opportunities
such as the Honors College at UA.
College Credit Plus Contacts:
• Greg Dieringer, Coordinator
Executive Director of Student Initiatives
– (330) 972-7572
– e-mail: [email protected]
• Greg Landis, Admissions
Associate Director of Admissions
– (330) 972-5827 or 1-800-655-4884
– e-mail: [email protected]
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