Negotiation * Bruce Willey

Negotiation – Bruce Willey
A few of us had a little discussion on Negotiation with clients or coworkers with
the intention of getting paid properly and/or not being overworked or missing
deadlines. We came up with these tips:
* Meet with the actual designers/engineers, not just project managers
* Start with end date and go backwards to establish due dates for data and task
completion and reviews.
* Utilize the Time/Quality/Cost triangle to set expectations.
* Stay positive. Instead of "I can't do x, say "I can do y under these
conditions." Instead of "I don't know." say "Let me get back to you."
* Never answer in the moment if you don't know.
* Create an internal work order that covers deadlines, expectations, delivery
time and subsequent action (shipping or meeting or photography etc.)
* Put everything in writing, especially changes.