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Negotiation: An Essential Adaptive Leadership Skill
As health care administrators you and those you lead are experiencing major change and increased
pressure to manage conflict and conflicting priorities for your time. Change exacerbates the level and
frequency of organizational conflict. Health Care administrators must prepare themselves and those they
lead for that conflict. Psychologist William Bridges writes in his book, Managing Transitions, “Change
will be negotiated; it will not be imposed.”
This day long negotiation workshop will equip you with a negotiation framework for managing change
and conflict in constructive ways. You will also learn tools for communicating and negotiating across
departments and work units that may or may not share common goals. The workshop is
interactive. Participants will learn a basic framework and several tools and then be given opportunities to
practice what they have learned, first on generic cases, and then on real issues they encounter every day
as health care administrators.
Target Audience: Health System Administrative Leaders
Fee: $200 per person (Breakfast and lunch included)(You will receive an email later asking for your
Date: February 10, 2015 - 8am-4:30pm
Where: Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Marriott at Eagle Crest
Register here . Limit: 36
If you have questions, you can email me [email protected]