Alvarez Procedure Plan Reasoning

Procedure Plan Reasoning: Mr. Alvarez Classroom
The reasoning for plan comes from what kind of person I am and how I believe my
classroom could possible work. I believe many of my plans come from respect and treating my
classroom like it’s a part of my house. I don’t want people coming to the place I live and
disrespecting it and this is how I want my classroom to be also.
The main thing I always remember from classroom procedure plans were that they would
always state the common core values of school or the school rules. This is how I see my
classroom as well; students will have to respect the school codes of rules because they are in a
classroom and still in school. After bring up the rules of the schools I will go into aspects I find
important and want emphasized in my classroom. The major point is I want students to respect
each other and me as their teacher. I will not tolerate students being bullied or picked on. I
understand there are times for sarcasm but I believe I will have to first understand my students
before I am able to use this in my classroom.
The second and third points are just to help keep my classroom in some type of order. I
know right now as a person I have a all over the place type of personality but I believe if I can
emphasize this aspect of having order it will help me get across my teaching material. Also I
believe have clean work areas to be very important and this will be a goal I will work on as I
grow as a teacher. This is why I want to model for my students a mature and responsible work
area they can model after.
The fourth and sixth point is something I believe to be really important just by the pure
fact we as teachers have only specific time frames that we can use to teach our students. I would
like my students to understand the importance on being on time not only in school but in other
areas of their life. Students must also understand the importance of deadlines because in today’s
world we are a deadline driven society and people are expected to meet deadlines and follow
through on this promise of making these deadlines.
The fifth rule is just to meet the growing technology field and as teachers from 6th grade
on we can find our students using these types of technology to communicate. My main point
with this is while the students are in my class they are here to learn so we can hold off on texting
for the 50 minute time period.
The final rule is me being a bit corny but this is also how I believe my classrooms can
possible work. Students can enjoy coming to my classroom and that we can all help each other
learn. This learning can be from teacher to student, student to student and student teaching the