Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Rail Division Overview
Field Inspections
(State Capacity)
10 Inspectors Statewide
Annual Railroad Crossing Inspections
Complaint Investigations
Bridge Inspections
Close Clearance Permits
Crossing Closures
Private to Public Conversions
Fatality Investigations
24 Hour Rail Incident Line
Enforce title 49 of Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code
FRA Program
(Federal Capacity)
“Apprentice” Program – On the Job Training Model
5 Discipline Specific Training Paths – Based on Experience
Motive Power & Equipment
Hazardous Materials
Track Safety
Operating Practices
Signals & Train Control
 Issue Federal Violations with penalties ranging from $2500 to
$100,000 per incident
 Enforce 49 CFR parts 200-299
Crossing Warning Device
Upgrade Programs
Federal Program (1 staffer)
Roughly $17 million per fiscal year, Funds 100% or partial
percentage of projects
Federal Highway Administration => ODOT => Ohio Rail
Development Commission
Projects Planned in conjunction with the ORDC, based off of a
PUCO-housed rankings database
Crossing Warning Device
Upgrade Programs (CONT)
State Program (1 staffer)
Roughly $1.2-1.3 Million per fiscal year, Funding depends on
Funding is received from the “Gas Tax”
Signal Upgrade projects
Sate Supplemental funding for small scale safety upgrades,
$5,000 per crossing
Rail Division Summary
State Inspections
Federal Inspection Program
Crossing Warning Upgrade Projects
More Information:
24 Hour Rail Emergency Number
• (614) 466-1150
PUCO Transportation Department
Regulatory authority for Motor
Carrier Safety
 Hazardous Materials Enforcement
 Motor Carrier Enforcement
 Registration
 Administers HM Training Grant Program
Enforcement Division HM Section
 Compliance reviews of motor carriers and
shippers of hazardous materials
 New Entrant safety audits
 Audit hazardous materials permits
 Complaint investigations
 Public outreach
 Vehicle inspections
 Incident investigation
 HWRC RAM Inspections & escorts
Hazardous Material
Hazard Classes
Enforcement Division HM Section
Vehicle Inspections
Enforcement Division HM Section
Incident Investigation
Enforcement Division HM Section
Carrier Compliance Review inspection items:
 Driver qualification file
 Driver drug and alcohol testing
 Driver records of duty status
 Driver training records
 HM employee training records
 Vehicle maintenance records
 Accident records
 Insurance
Enforcement Division HM Section
Carrier/Shipper Compliance review inspection
 HM Shipping papers
 HM Security plan
 HM Employee training
 Bulk package test and maintenance records
 HM Packaging
• I.D. marking
• labels
• Package specification/compatibility
Security Plan
Required for
 HRCQ of Radioactive Materials
 Greater than 55 lbs of 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3
 Greater than 1.06 qt of PIH Zone A
 HM in bulk package ≥ 3500 gallons for
liquid or gas or 468 cubic feet for solids
Security Plan
Required for
 A shipment other than bulk package ≥
5000 lbs of one class of HM which placard
of a vehicle is required
 A select agent or toxin regulated by Center
for Disease Control
 A quantity of HM that requires placarding
Security Plan Components
 Risk assessment – site specific
 Personnel security
 Unauthorized access
 En route security
 Must be in writing
 Must be reviewed and updated annually
 Hazmat Employees must be trained on the
PUCO Hazardous Materials Training
and Planning Grant Program
 Available for Training Emergency Responders
 Available For Training Exercises
 Emergency Response Subject Matter Specialists

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Rail Division Overview