Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Rail Division Overview


Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Rail Division Overview

Field Inspections

(State Capacity)

 10 Inspectors Statewide

 Annual Railroad Crossing Inspections

 Complaint Investigations

 Bridge Inspections

 Close Clearance Permits

 Crossing Closures

 Private to Public Conversions

 Fatality Investigations

 24 Hour Rail Incident Line

 Enforce title 49 of Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code

FRA Program

(Federal Capacity)

 “Apprentice” Program – On the Job Training Model

 5 Discipline Specific Training Paths – Based on Experience

Motive Power & Equipment

Hazardous Materials

Track Safety

Operating Practices

Signals & Train Control

 Issue Federal Violations with penalties ranging from $2500 to

$100,000 per incident

 Enforce 49 CFR parts 200-299

Crossing Warning Device

Upgrade Programs

Federal Program (1 staffer)

 Roughly $17 million per fiscal year, Funds 100% or partial percentage of projects

 Federal Highway Administration => ODOT => Ohio Rail

Development Commission

 Projects Planned in conjunction with the ORDC, based off of a

PUCO-housed rankings database

Crossing Warning Device

Upgrade Programs (CONT)

State Program (1 staffer)

 Roughly $1.2-1.3 Million per fiscal year, Funding depends on usage

 Funding is received from the “Gas Tax”

 Signal Upgrade projects

 Sate Supplemental funding for small scale safety upgrades,

$5,000 per crossing

Rail Division Summary

 State Inspections

 Federal Inspection Program

 Crossing Warning Upgrade Projects

 More Information:

 24 Hour Rail Emergency Number

• (614) 466-1150

PUCO Transportation Department


Carrier authority for Motor


 Hazardous Materials Enforcement

 Motor Carrier Enforcement

 Registration

 Administers HM Training Grant Program

Enforcement Division HM Section

 Compliance reviews of motor carriers and shippers of hazardous materials

 New Entrant safety audits

 Audit hazardous materials permits

 Complaint investigations

 Public outreach

 Vehicle inspections

 Incident investigation

 HWRC RAM Inspections & escorts

Hazardous Material

Hazard Classes

Enforcement Division HM Section

Vehicle Inspections

Enforcement Division HM Section

Incident Investigation

Enforcement Division HM Section

Carrier Compliance Review inspection items:

 Driver qualification file

 Driver drug and alcohol testing

 Driver records of duty status

 Driver training records

 HM employee training records

 Vehicle maintenance records

 Accident records

 Insurance

Enforcement Division HM Section

Carrier/Shipper Compliance review inspection items:

 HM Shipping papers

 HM Security plan

 HM Employee training

 Bulk package test and maintenance records

 HM Packaging

• I.D. marking

• labels

• Package specification/compatibility

Security Plan

Required for

 HRCQ of Radioactive Materials

 Greater than 55 lbs of 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3

 Greater than 1.06 qt of PIH Zone A

 HM in bulk package ≥ 3500 gallons for liquid or gas or 468 cubic feet for solids

Security Plan

Required for

 A shipment other than bulk package ≥

5000 lbs of one class of HM which placard of a vehicle is required

 A select agent or toxin regulated by Center for Disease Control

 A quantity of HM that requires placarding

Security Plan Components

 Risk assessment – site specific

 Personnel security

 Unauthorized access

 En route security

 Must be in writing

 Must be reviewed and updated annually

 Hazmat Employees must be trained on the


PUCO Hazardous Materials Training and Planning Grant Program

 Available for Training Emergency Responders

 Available For Training Exercises

 Emergency Response Subject Matter Specialists