This is Sodium and his friend Fluorine. They have been
best friends for many many many years. But they both
feel very incomplete.
One day, Sodium had a fantastic idea to help get rid of the emptiness they felt.
He noticed his valence electron shell had one electron! And Fluorine is missing
one electron!
To get rid of this valence shell and have a full valence
shell, he gave Fluorine his valence electron.
Fluorine was shocked! But she gladly accepted
Sodium’s valence electron.
Sodium started to feel very positive all the time without that extra electron
adding to his negativity. Fluorine was happy to feel complete with a full
valence shell, but tended to look towards the negative side of everything since
she had one more electron than usual.
Although they had opposing views on everything, they
found themselves even more attracted to each other than
ever before.
Sodium and Fluoride became closer than ever and
never left each other’s side. Despite their differing
views on life, they learned to balance each other out.
They lived happily ever after…THE END.

This is Sodium and his friend Fluorine. They have been