Alliances WW2

Alliances in WW2
The Rise of Dictatorships
Depression lead to collapse of
European economies
People desperate for change
Dictators start to seize power
and throw out the elected
Communist Soviet Union
In 1924, the Soviet Union was
established as a Communist Nation
led by a dictator Joseph Stalin.
By 1939, Stalin had established a
centralized totalitarian government
in which individuals have no rights
and the government suppresses all
Germany & USSR sign a nonaggression pact and agree to split
up Poland
“For the good of the people
of course”
Fascist Italy
Benito Mussolini establishes a
fascist regime in Italy.
Fascism was a new political
movement that consisted of a
strong, centralized government
headed by a power dictator.
Mussolini dreamed of making Italy
the great power of the world.
Nazi Germany
Like fascism, Nazism was based
on extreme nationalism and
national expansion.
In Hitler’s view, Germansespecially blue-eyed, blonde
haired “Aryans”- formed a
“master race” that was destined
to rule the world.
By 1932, more than 6 million
Germans were unemployed.
Many of these desperate people
turned to Hitler as their last
Militarist Gain Control of Japan
Nationalistic military leaders in
Japan were trying to take control
of their government.
These leaders shared Hitler’s
belief in the need for expansionmilitary attack the Chinese
province of Manchuria in 1931.
The success of this invasion put
the Japanese military firmly in
control of Japan’s government.
Hideki Tojo
Prime Minister of Japan
Democracies doing their thing…
Alliances before WWII Begins
There were 2 alliances that formed before WWII:
Allied Powers: France, Britain & Commonwealth
Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, and Japan
The Soviet Union and the United States claimed
Japan Attacks the U.S.
On December 7th, 1941 Japan
made a surprise attack on the
Pearl Harbor military base in
The next day Roosevelt
declared war against Japan.
3 days later, Germany and Italy
declared war on the U.S.
New alliance- GBR, France,
USA & Commonwealth
USSR joins the Allies
June 1941 Hitler ignores the
non-aggression pact and invades
USSR- Operation Barbarosa
USSR joins the allies
Hitler has a war on 2 fronts