Review for tomorrow’s quiz

General Hideki Tojo

• Prime Minister of Japan

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

• President of the United States during WWII

Adolf Hitler

Dictator of Germany

Joseph Stalin

• Dictator of Soviet Union

Benito Mussolini

• Dictator of Italy

Winston Churchill

• Prime Minister of Great Britain

What countries belonged to the Allied Powers (4)

• • • • France Great Britain Soviet Union United States

What countries belonged to the Axis Powers (3)

• • • Germany Italy Japan


• Giving in to Hitler’s demands inorder to avoid war


• “Lightning War” Modern style of fighting used by Germany. Fast paced


• Extreme nationalism….used in Italy

Lend Lease Act

• U.S. can sell weapons to countries at war if it is in the best interest of the U.S.

Mein Kampf

• Book written by Hitler that stresses hatred of Jews and wanted revenge for the Treaty of Versailles

Munich Agreement

• Chamberlain gives Hitler the Sudetenland if he promises to stop attacking lands


• Political Party started by Hitler in Germany

Neutrality Acts

• Passed in 1935-37 that stated U.S. could NOT sell weapons to countries at war.

Non-Aggression Pact

• Agreement between Germany & Soviet Union not to attack each other.

Phony War

• Time between war being declared by Britain & France in September of 1939 and actual fighting against Germany that begins in April of 1940

Selective Service Act

• First ever peace time draft in U.S. history