The Life of Benjamin Franklin


The Life of Benjamin



Ben Franklin was be known as one of our country’s founders, but there were many things about Ben that get over looked. He was a very talented scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a musician, and an economist.

The most thought of scientific experiment that Ben ever performed is when he researched lightning using a metal key. He later used this knowledge to invent a lightning rod that would protect large buildings.

Franklin the inventor is know famous for inventing bifocal reading glasses and an early odometer which he used to track his distance traveled while carrying mail.

Though he never pursued a career or any fame, Ben was a very accomplished musician. He played the violin, the harp, and the guitar. He also built his own glass armonica.

Franklin was very active in the economy. He used his printing skills to help print paper money. Today he is honored with his picture on our country’s 100 dollar bill.

Benjamin Franklin spent most of his time as a great statesman to our country. He is the only man to have signed all for documents that helped to create the United States. The

Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of

Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France, the Treaty of Peace with England, and the