George Washington

George Washington
By Anthony
The Early Years…
• George Washington was born February 11, 1732 Westmoreland Country,
• George spent most of his time at Ferry Farms near Fredericksburg.
• George Washington learned how to
shoot a musket when he was 11 years
• George Washington became a soldier at the age of 20.
George Washington is famous
• George Washington is famous for leading America in the
revolutionary war.
• He is also famous for being the first president of the
united states.
• George Washington was also a Commander and chief.
The Later Years…
• After the American revolution he devoted all his time
to fixing his house.
• George died December 14, 1799 at age 67.
George Washington’s Impact on
other’s Lives…
• George was elected 3 times to be president but he said no and he made the rule only 2
years for presidency.
• Since his wife was so wealthy he used his money to expand the planation so the slaves
could get paid more.
My Opinion
• My opinion on George Washington is he is kind hardworking focused
thoughtful and a good man.
Interesting facts
• When George Washington was 20 his family was gone.
• George Washington’s ancestors where from Sulgrave
England .
• Gilbert Stuart drew a picture of George Washington
witch is later used as the one dollar bill picture
• George Washington was born on February 11 but they changed it
to February 22.
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