Description of Culturegrams

Description of Culturegrams
It is an online, interactive site which provides students, teachers, admin and parents with
information about world countries and territories, the US and the District. The information
found on this website has application across all content areas. It allows viewers to
choose between interactive information on the screen or printing the same information. It is also
a toolkit for writing research reports, learning more about students' native countries, studying
famous people, or comparing data from several countries or states to conduct research about
geographic and demographic information on cultures from all over the world.
It includes a World Edition (with information on over 182 countries), Kids Edition (covers
over 66 countries), States Edition (includes information on historical timelines for all 50 states),
Photo Gallery, Famous People and a Recipe Collection. You can find maps, cultural info,
statistics, glossaries, geographical information, historical highlights/time lines, flags, national
anthems and fun facts.
For more information, contact Carol Bass – phone (703) 791-8706.