Britain takes control of Acadia through the
Treaty of Utrecht.
Treaty of Utrecht: brought to an end the War of Spanish
Succession between England and France. By it France
gave up its claims in North America to Great Britain.
France builds Louisbourg
Louisbourg: the major settlement of the French
Britain captures Louisbourg
France regains Louisbourg
Britain builds Halifax
Britain captures Louisbourg one more time
during the Seven Years’ War.
Seven Years’ War: a world war that took place from
1756-1763. Britain aimed to destroy the French
navy and establish worldwide domination of the
France surrenders possession of nearly all its
claims in North America including
Louisbourg- under the Treaty of Paris which
ends the war
Treaty of Paris: the 1763 agreement between Britain
and France that ended the Seven Years’ War, in
which France gave up nearly all its claims in North

Control Over Acadia 1713