Timeline Facts Answers

Timeline Facts
800,000 BC - The first humans arrive in Britain, they have come from Europe.
6500 BC - The sea rises, Britain is no longer connected to Europe, it becomes an island.
3000 BC - People begin to farm the land in Britain.
2150 BC - People learn to make weapons and tools from Bronze.
43 AD - The Romans conquer Britain. Britain becomes a part of the Roman Empire.
410 AD - The Romans leave Britain and Anglo Saxon people from Germany begin to move to England.
597 AD - Christianity arrives in Britain, with St Augustine from Rome.
793 AD - The Vikings invade England.
1591 AD - First performance of a play by William Shakespeare.
1605 AD - Guy Fawkes tries to blow up the houses of parliament.
1652 AD - The first cup of tea is drunk in England.
1825 AD - The world’s first police force was set up in England by Sir Robert Peel.
1860 AD - The first public flushing toilet opens.
1991 AD - The World Wide Web is invented.