Scramble for Africa


Scramble for Africa

R O H A N K A U L , J A S O N T E W

Berlin Conference of 1884

   1884 Called to negotiate questions Major western powers 4b15-89a8-670e43babf69

Division of Africa

 Afterwards, it was divided up into 50 irregular countries. es/KISH_25_575.gif


  Mainly from economic and military dominance Not a lot of alliances in Africa, so it was divide and conquer. h_military_band_handover-ceremony_iraq.jpg


   The belief that one’s ethnicity is centrally important.

Led to a civil war Mainly applies after the British had left. m.jpg?w=297&h=349

Europe’s reasons for controlling Africa

   Mainly for it’s natural resources.

Imperialism Wanted to create a large overseas empire.


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