Pick up BINGO Card, fill out, take
out ALL C-notes
Bingo Rules
70%-84% - 1 Bingo number pulled
85%-99% - 2 Bingo numbers pulled
100% - 3 Bingo numbers pulled
• Don’t clear your board. Ever.
Which of the following is NOT a
benefit of the railroads
A. Westward expansion
B. Credit Mobilier Scandal
C. new markets for industries
D. City growth
[MC Any]
[MC All]
This picture is an example of
A. Vertical integration
B. Horizontal integration
C. Diagonal integration
D. trust
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Corporations are organizations
A. Receive federal funding
B. Sell stock to the public
C. Have a monopoly on a product
D. Earn profits for their workers.
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[MC All]
In the late 1800s, which of the
following helped business leaders
eliminate competition?
A. Strikes
B. Closed shops
C. Labor unions
D. monopolies
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Labor unions were formed to
A. protect factory owners and improve
workers’ wages
B. improve workers’ wages and make
factories safer
C. make factories safer and prevent lockouts
Prevent lockouts and fight deflation
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Which of the following events
reduced membership in the Knights
A. Pullman strike of Labor
B. Haymarket Riot
C. Great Railroad Strike of 1877
D. Homestead Strike
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Between what years did steel
production increase the most?
A. 1865-1870
B. 1886-1890
C. 1890-1895
D. 1895-1900
[MC Any]
[MC All]
How did increased steel production
contribute to American
A. Decreased
the number of jobs available
to workers
B. Discouraged the consolidation of industry
C. Improved transportation methods such as
Encouraged immigration by providing a
[MC Any]
[MC All]
safe work environment.
The immigrants who came to the
United States between 1870 and
A. Eastern
B. Northern and Western Europe
C. East Asia
D. Latin America
[MC Any]
[MC All]
All of the following were
advantages of the North during the
Civil War, EXCEPT
A. More weapons
B. Better military leaders
C. More men
D. Economic advantage
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Corporations issue stock to
A. Allow them to open factories in rural
B. Allow them to lower prices on their
C. Raise large amounts of money and
spread financial risk
[MC Any]
[MC All]
D. Create a large business by buying small
Who invented the light bulb, which
revolutionized both business and
personal life?
A. Edwin Drake
B. Thomas Edison
C. Elisha Ortis
D. Alexander Graham Bell
[MC Any]
[MC All]
The cartoon depicts which famous
political boss?
A. Al Capone
B. Benjamin Harrison
C. William M. Tweed
D. James Garfield
[MC Any]
[MC All]
This political cartoon’s message
A. Political bosses were driven by money
and power.
B. Political bosses tended to give away a lot
of money.
C. Philanthropy was an important standard
of the day.
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Political cartoonist who was critical
of political machines and Tweed
A. William M. Tweed
B. Williams Jennings Bryan
C. Thomas Nast
D. Henry Bessemer
[MC Any]
[MC All]
All of the following is true of the
Pendleton Act of 1883 EXCEPT
A. Cleaned up Washington
B. Enacted civil service reform
C. Gave land grants to railroads in the West
D. Created other problems by making
politicians turn elsewhere for
[MC Any]
[MC All]
E. None of these.
The Spoils System
A. Gave jobs to loyal party workers or
B. Fired those who did not complete their
jobs correctly.
C. Was created by James Garfield
Gave jobs to highly qualified candidates.
[MC Any]
[MC All]
The Gilded Age was
A. A period when prosperity existed in society
and there was more wealth than poverty.
B. Period of time when the gold strikes of
California made it possible for a surplus of
gold in America
C. Period when corruption existed in society
but was overshadowed by the wealth of the
[MC Any]
[MC All]
D. period of time mass amounts of gold and
silver were produced.
Which is the only President to
serve 2 NON-consecutive terms?
A. Hayes
B. Cleveland
C. Grant
D. Harrison
[MC Any]
[MC All]
The immigration processing center
for those living on the WEST coast
A. Ellis Island was called
B. Staten Island
C. St. Helena
D. Angel Island
[MC Any]
[MC All]
The Gospel of Wealth was a
philosophy that wealthy Americans
were responsible for using their
wealth to engage in
A. Laissez-faire
B. philanthropy
C. culture
[MC Any]
[MC All]
It made sense for big corporations
to continue operating during poor
A. Operating
costs were
compared to
fix costs.
B. Their fixed costs were small, compared to
operating costs.
C. Stock provided a continuous source of
[MC Any]
[MC All]
D. Prices were raised to bring in more
Push factors for New Immigrants
included all of the following,
A. famine
B. disease
C. war
D. land
[MC Any]
[MC All]
When Reconstruction began,
Lincoln’s main goal was to
A. Punish the South for seceding
B. Deny African Americans the right to vote
C. Quickly restore the union
D. Station federal troops throughout the
[MC Any]
[MC All]
What did the
A. It gave African American men the right to
B. It gave women the right to vote.
C. Ended Reconstruction
D. All of the above.
[MC Any]
[MC All]
A group of people in New York City
who worked for Boss Tweed.
A. Whiskey Ring
B. Tweed Ring
C. Gilded Age
D. Jacob Riis
[MC Any]
[MC All]
First federal action against
monopolies, leads to the use of
A. Sherman Anti-Trust
B. Pendleten Act
C. Free Silver Movement
D. Haymarket Square
[MC Any]
[MC All]
1907 agreement between the US
and Japan that restricted Japanese
A. Chinese Exclusion
B. Gentlemen’s Agreement
C. Pendleton Act
D. Sherman Anti-Trust Act
[MC Any]
[MC All]
A group of corporations run by a
single board of directors
A. Anti-trust
B. trust
C. Tweed Ring
D. Whiskey Ring
[MC Any]
[MC All]
First to have a horizontal
integration monopoly
A. Andrew Carnegie
B. John D. Rockefeller
C. J.P. Morgan
D. Henry Ford
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Laissez Faire Government
refers to
A. As little government intervention as
B. As much government as possible.
C. An equal amount of government
[Option 4]
[MC Any]
[MC All]
Political Machine
A. An easy way to vote
B. A group of people voted by constituents
C. A group of people that sit on a council
and hold town hall meetings
D. an organized group of people that
controlled the activities of a political
Inventor of the Assembly line
A. Henry Ford
B. Alexander Graham Bell
C. Christopher Sholes
D. Thomas Edison
Captains of Industry
A. complete control of a product or service
B. positive idea that industrial leaders
worked hard and deserved their wealth
C. A group of separate companies placed
under the control of a single managing
Gospel of Wealth Stated
A. Belief that the wealthy are “chosen by
God” to be successful and were therefore
responsible to look out for the well being
of those less fortunate.
B. Belief that the wealthy are destined to
create a gap between rich and poor.
C. Belief that the wealthy have no obligation
to help the poor.
The Knights of Labor pushed for
all of the following, except
A. 8 hour work day
B. Equal pay for women
C. Accepted all races and genders
D. Pushed for insurance pay
New Immigrants included all of
the following EXCEPT
A. Russian
B. Serbia
C. Japan
D. England
The railroads between the
immigrants represent
A. The idea that immigrants were closing in
on middle America
B. The idea that these two groups came to
America specifically for jobs building
A faster approach to destroying America
[MC Any]
[MC All]
What is the artist’s attitude
towards immigration?
A. Unsure of how immigrants will assimilate
into the land.
B. Positive, seeing as America was born as
melting pot of immigrants
C. Negative, foreigners will threaten
American values
D. [Option 4]
The artist is _______ to the
problems facing immigrants
A. uninterested
B. hypocritical
C. sympathetic
Uncle Sam represents _____ in
the cartoon
A. Jesus
B. Allah
C. Noah
D. Moses
This political cartoon artist is
_______ of the immigrants
A. sympathetic
B. Bitter
C. fearful