Political Machines powerpoint

Gilded Age: Political Machines
We will know what a political machine is and how they emerged
and understand the role that political machines played in politics.
We will be able to construct a "Benefits Thinking Map/Web"
showing the interdependency of immigrants and political
machines while identifying prominent figures and practicing
reading and comprehension skills through short reading.
Stand Up – Hand Up – Partner with Someone Not From Your
Work Group
What is a machine made of?
Can a machine be a person?
What do you think when someone says “we are all
running like a well oiled machine”?
"How can this building become a machine?
Who resides in this building? What do you
think happens in this building?"
Tammany Hall: This was the name of the New York city political
machine from 1861 to 1871. Very corrupt and the most powerful
of all machines.
Political Machine: organized group that controlled the political party
and offered services to voters and businesses in exchange for
political (votes) or financial support.
Using your handout you will have 10 minutes to complete
the thinking web w/ your partner.
In each bubble write one item immigrants got and one item
political machines got and answer the question below –
“Can a political machine work in today’s society?”
William Marcy Tweed
Role of the Political Boss
William Marcy Tweed
The “City Boss” (typically the mayor)
controlled jobs, business licenses,
and influenced the court system.
He was the leader of the machine.
Remember, a machine is not
necessary made out of iron and
steel. It can be someone or group of
people that can make things happen
through their influence. (social,
political, or economic.)
Boss Tweed ran NYC
Targets of Political Machines, who did they try to get
to join them?
Immigrants - They were
urban, lower-class people
were natural allies of the
political machines.
What did the political machines offer those that were
considered natural allies of the political machines?
Process (citizenship)
-Better standard of
What did the Political machines get in return for helping
- Loyalty
- Vote(s)
- Allegiance
- Political Power
- Longevity
- Cheap Labor
Thinking Webs Break
-What benefits did Immigrants get from Political
-What benefits did political machines get from
Graft: any type of illegal and
unethical use of political
influence for personal gain.
Kickbacks: illegal payments
for services
Who exposed the political machines in New York City?
Thomas Nast: cartoonist for New York
Times and Harper’s Weekly. His
cartoons revealed corruption of Tweed.
This made Tweed angry.
He did a cartoon about Tweed. Tweed
was convicted and jailed. Tweed
escaped to Spain. But was captured
with the use of a Nast cartoon.
Tweed was imprisoned again in the
U.S. and died in 1878.
Famous cartoon that got Boss Tweed arrested in Spain and
brought back to America and put in jail again. Worked well
because most of his supporters couldn’t read. “He did it”.
Video Clip –
Boss Tweed and Thomas Nast
What would you offer immigrants
today if you were the city boss of a
political machine?
How did Boss Tweed get
political power?