Briefing session presentation for ICASA 27


Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

Bidders Compulsory Briefing Session

Presenter: Irene Matsimela Bid Administrator 15 November 2012

Aim, Objective and Conditions of a Briefing Session

To inform bidders, as well as all relevant stakeholders about ICASA’ s bidding processes and procedures .

Conditions for the briefing session:

The briefing session is compulsory. No bidder will be allowed to respond to the Bid if they did not attend the briefing session.

All bidders should ensure that they complete the briefing session attendance register in a clear and accurate manner.

Correspondence will be limited to only the bidders whose names appear on the attendance register.


 The bid advertisement is available on the ICASA website ( us/ supply chain management/ open bids) as well as on the Government tender bulletin on 02 November 2012.

Applicable Legislation

Supply Chain Management is using the following Legislation, Acts and Delegations, amongst others:

Constitution of Republic South Africa PPPFA PFMA Treasury Regulations Framework for Supply Chain Management and National SCM Practice Notes ICASA’s Supply Chain Management Policy Treasury’s All legislations can be downloaded from the National (

) Treasury’s website


 Section 217 of the Constitution prescribes that the public sector procurement system must be fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective.

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2011, as amended Bids will be subject to Supply Chain Management conditions as follows:

 The Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2011 pertaining to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, Act No 5 of 2000.

 In accordance with this Act, bidders are required to submit original and valid BBBEE Status Level Verification Certificates or certified copies thereof together with their bids, to substantiate their BBBEE rating claims.

 The 10 points claimed for BBBEE Level will be split in accordance with the SBD 6.1 documents as per the evaluation criteria .

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2011, as amended, cont.

 Bidders who do not submit BBBEE Status Level Verification Certificates or are non-compliant contributors to BBBEE do not qualify for preference points for BBBBEE but should not be disqualified from the bidding process. They will score points out of 90 for price only and zero (0) points out of 10 for BBBEE

Required Documentation

Checklist for required documentation

 One (1) original hard copy, three (3) hard copies and one (1) soft copy (CD in

PDF format

) of their responses in order to expedite the evaluation process.  ID documents of Directors  Company registration documents  Company profile

(It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that all required documents are submitted as per RFB)

Continue.. Required Documentation


An original valid tax clearance certificate

Bid Threshold


 

90 Points for price 10 points for PPPFA

Response format


    

The following attached SBD documents must be completed

: 

SBD 2 (Tax Clearance Certificate Requirements)

SBD 3.1 - (Pricing schedule) SBD 4 - (Declaration of Interest) SDB 6.1 - (Preference Points claim form) SBD 7.1 – Contract form (rendering of services) SBD 8 (Declaration of bidder’s past Supply Chain Management practices) SBD 9 – (Certification of Independent Bid Determination)

Reasons for disqualification

ICASA reserves the right to disqualify any bidders who do not comply with one or more of the following bid requirements, and such disqualification may take place without prior notice to the offending bidder:

Bidders who submitted incomplete information and documentation as per the requirements of this RFB.

Bidders who do not submit a valid and original Tax Clearance Certificate

Bidders who submitted information that is fraudulent, factually untrue or inaccurate, for example memberships that do not exist, BBBEE credentials, experience, etc.

Bidders who do not provide proof of payment for the bid document.

Bidders who do not meet the cut-off mark on the pre qualification criteria as stipulated in this RFB.

Reasons for disqualification, continued

Bidders who do not provide the required number of bid responses i.e. one (1) original hard copy, three (3) hard copies and 1 (one) electronic copy (on CD) in PDF format.

Bidders who have been blacklisted as per the National Treasury database.

Bidders who do not comply with the special conditions or any other condition set out in the bid document.

All bidders are requested to attach a copy of a bank deposit slip/proof of payment of the non-refundable fee of R 250.00 together with the bid proposal by the closing date. Bidders who have not paid the R250.00 non-refundable bid fee on the bid closing date will be disqualified.


Closing Date : Time:

03 December 2012 11H00 am

Proposals must be deposited in the bid box situated at :

Reception area ICASA (Block B) Head Office 164 Katherine Street Sandton

Contact Details

TEL: (011) 566 3147 FAX: (011) 566 3148 E-MAIL: [email protected]


Please note that questions will be answered until 11h00 am on 29 November 2012.

No correspondence will be entered into after the above stipulated time has lapsed


Thank You Q & A