Introduction to COEP Moodle
For First Time Login
You can use moodle with any
Internet browser like Mozilla-Firefox,
Google-Chrome or MicrosoftInternet-Explorer
In your internet browser, go to, and fill in login id,
password and click on “Login”
On first login, you see this screen. Fill in the
details as asked. Email id is IMP, write that email
id which you access regularly.
Scroll Down and Fill in City and Country
Further Scroll down and click on “Update Profile”
Now you'll see this message. An email was sent
by Moodle website to YOUR EMAIL ID. Click on
Now you see this screen. You can not do anything
now, until you “click on the link sent in the email”.
See next step.
Go to your Email. (Note: This may be your COEP
or gmail or yahoo mail, etc). You will see an email
like this. Note: The email might be in “SPAM”.
Open the email and you'll see a link in the email
like this. Click on that link
After clicking the link, you come to moodle with
this screen. Click on “Continue”. (Your moodle
registration is done)
You may be taken to this screen again. Don't
worry. Just scroll down after this.
And click “Update profile” for the final time.
You may see a screen like this. Go to next page.
See the link “My Profile Settings”. And Click on
“Change Password”. Now enter your old and new
After you change password, you'll see this screen. You are done
changing your password. NOTE: This changes your Internet
access and moodle password both. Your COEP-email password is
not affected. You may click on the home link now.
Now – instructions to find your course on moodle and use it. You
can see the course categories on screen now. Click on relevant
department name.
You are now on course category page. You see semester-wisecategories of courses now. Click on the appropriate category
Now you will see one or more courses. Click on
the relevant course.
You will be taken to the course page. You are not done yet. You
have to enroll for the course, for this see the next page
Look at this link in left-bottom column. Click on it.
After clicking, you'll see this page. Click on Enroll
Now you are enrolled for the course. Now when
you click on “Home”, you'll see the course on your
home page.
This is your home page now.
For any problems regarding moodle first send an
email to [email protected]
In your email mention :
Your name, MIS ID, Email ID, Department, Year of

Moodle: Tutorial(First Login)