Moodle_Presenation - Consolidated High School District 230

Moodle for High School
Practical Use for Blended
Learning In A
21st Century School
Desi J. Vuillaume
Joseph Geiger
What is Moodle?
• Moodle is a course management system
• A free, Open Source software package
designed using sound pedagogical principles
• Designed to help educators create effective
online learning communities
• Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning
Social Constructionist Pedagogy
• Learners construct new knowledge as they
interact with their environment
• Learning is particularly effective when
constructing something for others to
• Collaboratively creating a small culture of
shared artifacts with shared meanings
• Connected and separate learning behaviors
Tools Available in Moodle
Discussion forums
Grade book
Dynamic content generation
Chat rooms
POD Casts
Other Facts About Moodle
• Basic idea was started in the 1990’s by
Martin Dougiamas
• Documentations, manual, and active help
forum are all available online.
Log In Page
Front Page of Class
Quiz Page
Forum Entry With Feedback
Calendar Tool
Students’ Perceptions
• In what ways have you enjoyed using the
online psychology class?
– “It was simple to use and the facts on things
were abundant.”
– “I enjoy typing and using the class to learn more
about psychology.”
– “I like the online psychology environment
because of the its flexibility.”
Students’ Perceptions
• What are the advantages of accessing
psychology class with Moodle?
– “Searching online for what you don’t understand
and overall more engaging
– “You get more information and any questions
you have are pretty much answered.”
– “I am a visual learner….the computer gets my
attention more.”
Teacher’s Perceptions
Less paper shuffling
Grading seems easier
Students are more engaged in learning
Lessons can be tailored to meet individual
needs of students
Who’s Using it?
University of Illinois
Lewis University
Trinity International University
Barrington High School
Stevenson High School
Oak Park Elementary School Dist. #97
District 214 Arlington Heights