Rosa Parks

Anna Nelson
Rosa Parks Fun Facts
 Born on February 4th in Tuskegee
 Had a younger brother
 Suffered from Chronic Tonsillitis as a Child
 Was married in 1932
 Was a devoted Christian
 Started the Montgomery bus boy boycott
 Wrote a book entitled “Quiet Strength”
 Was secretary of the NAACP
Chronic Tonsillitis
 Chronic Tonsillitis was an infection and swelling of the
 Rosa’s growth was slowed because of Chronic Tonsillitis
 She was sent to School later until she got bigger cause her
mother thought it would be best
 One time Sylvester was bigger than Rosa
Rosa’s Parents
 Father: James McCauley
 Mother: Leona Edwards
 Father worked as a carpenter
 Mother as a teacher
 Father traveled a lot
 Pretty soon Rosa’s dad went
off traveling and didn’t live with
them anymore
Rosa’s Christianity
 She had have devotions everyday before going out into the
 Everyday before dinner and Sunday services Rosa’s
grandmother would read the bible with her
 Her grandfather would also pray with her before dinner
and church.
Montgomery Bus Boycott
 Rosa parks was the one who started the Montgomery
Bus Boycott
 It started on December 1st 1955
 Since Rosa didn’t give up her seat she was arrested.
 Later on people stopped using the busses and the
company lost a lot of money.
Rosa’s Marriage
 She was married in 1932
 She was married to Raymond Parks
 The small ceremony was held in her mothers home in
 Invites were not sent out so not very many people
Rosa parks and her husband Raymond ( right )
Rosa’s death
 Rosa Parks died on October 24th 2005.
 In the year 2004 she was diagnosed with progressive
 So a year later she died in Detroit, Michigan
 Even though Rosa has passed away her legacy still
lives alongside us today.
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