Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a great student.
 Rosa Parks was a student during
segregation so it was hard for her.
 She was born on February 4th ,1913.
• Rosa Parks was the first black women to
not give up her seat to a white person.
• She made speeches and joined
• She helped stop segregation with Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
• She was a true leader.
• Rosa Parks helped stop
segregation .
• She helped us white and black
people to be together today.
• She made things even between
white and black people
• She was NAACP.
• She helped us drink from the
same water fountains today she
helped us eat at the same
restaurants as white people.
• Rosa Parks was famous because she
fought against segregation.
• Rosa was also known for being arrested
for not giving up her seat to a white man
on the bus.
• Rosa Parks was awarded the presidential
medal of freedom.
• She was a national icon of Civil Rights.
• She instituted for sell development in
• Rosa Parks was a helpful
old lady.
• Rosa was strong she
wouldn’t ever give up.
• Rosa was a nice lady who
helped all the black
• Rosa was caring about
• And Rosa was a great
leader .
Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913
 She was named Rosa Louise McCauley
 Rosa grew up in a place called Pine
 She got married to Raymond Parks in
Rosa Parks walked for a whole year
because she didn’t want to get on the
bus with white people.
 She was the first person too not give up
her seat to a white person.
 she was NAACP
 The book (I am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks
with Jim Haskins .
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