Update to ACM Education Council
2nd November 2013
New Board
• Chair: Susan H. Rodger
Vice Chair: Paul Tymann
Secretary: Judy Sheard
Treasurer: Amber Settle
• At-Large Members
Tiffany Barnes
Alison Clear
Sue C. Fitzgerald
• Also serving on the Board will be
Immediate Past Chair: Renee McCauley
SIGCSE Symposium
• SIGCSE Symposium venues
– 2014 Atlanta
Travel grant
Kids camp
Heads and New Faculty workshops to alternate
Looking at conference being more than CS1 & CS2
– 2015 Kansas City
– 2016 Memphis
– 2017 out west somewhere
SIGCSE Symposium 2013, Denver
• Best Paper
“Retaining 18-30% more Majors with
a Trio of Instructional Best Practices in CS1”
Leo Porter, Skidmore College & Beth Simon,
University of California, San Diego
ITiCSE Canterbury, Kent, UK
• Best paper
“Voice interactive learning: A framework and
M. del Puerto Paule-Ruiz, Victor M. ÁlvarezGarcía & Juan-Ramon Pérez-Pérez (University of
Oviedo, Spain), Moisés Riestra-González
(Accenture Analytics, Spain)
ITiCSE venues
– 2013 Canterbury, UK
– 2014 Uppsala, Sweden
– 2015 Vilnius, Lithuania
– 2016 Arequipa, Peru
– 2017 Europe, possibly Finland
– 2018 India? Canada?
ICER Best Paper
• Chairs award
“Exploring Hypotheses about Media Computation”
Mark Guzdial
• People’s Choice (John Henry award)
“In-Game Assessments Increase Novice
Programmers’ Engagement and Level Completion
Michael Lee, Andrew Ko, Irwin Kwan
• ICER venues
– 2013 San Diego, US
– 2014 Glasgow, Scotland
– 2015 Omaha, Nebraska
Some issues, size, growth, cost,
New: posters, BOF, research projects workshops
• 2571 members
• Viability next March, don’t see any issues
• However
– Cost of membership
– Conference surpluses keeping SIGCSE viable
– Increase fees, digital and paper?
2014 Award Winners
Lifetime Service
Andrea Lawrence, Spelman College
Outstanding Contribution to CS Education
Robert Panoff, Shodor Foundation

SIGCSE Update, Alison Clear