Tissue damage strategies

Tissue damage strategies
Tissue damage may be either a
minor or a long term case. A
minor damage may include
soreness around the body,
whereas a long term may be
the case including bruising and
muscle tears.
 Cryotherapy
is the most popular recovery strategy
when it comes to tissue damage. This involves the
use of cooling.
 Ice is the most common form of cryotherapy as it
has the ability to slow down the tissue inflammatory
process, preventing the build up of waste.
ICER principle
The ICER principle is used in the
rehabilitation of soft tissue injury. To use the
ICER principle, it involves; Using a damp
cloth to avoid direct contact, apply ice on
ad off for 10 minute intervals, for up to 40
minutes. Compression, elevation and rest
are also used to enhance recuperation.
Ice baths
Ice baths have become very popular in
sports like touch football, rugby, AFL, soccer
and endurance racing. They work on the
principle that decreased temperature
contracts blood vessels, decreasing their
diameter. From emerging from the bath, the
body warms and blood vessels enlarge
which allows fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow
into the muscles, stimulating recovery.