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[HISTO 11] Commitment and Learning Plan

THREE (3) specific goals you would like to achieve as a result of having taken this
○ Learn about Rizal’s life and his impact on Philippine society as a whole in a
deeper level than I would have over simply searching his life and contributions
over the internet.
○ Reflect and synthesize my learnings about Rizal’s life to better emulate the ideal
citizen that he wishes me to be.
○ Get a good grade through regularly participating in class and performing
excellently on the assessments through my own efforts.
Finally, OUTLINE a PLAN to achieve these three goals throughout the course.
○ To achieve the goals I’ve outlined earlier I plan to do the following:
■ Go over the class materials and my notes every Wednesday and
Saturday either in Matteo or my house to fully absorb the lessons.
■ Every time I go over my notes, try to research even one thing that made a
mark on me over the lesson to further deepen my knowledge.
■ Request for consultations before I submit major requirements / if I did not
understand the lesson.
■ Start requirements and finish them at least a day before it is due.
Now is the best time to think about who can hold you accountable.
○ 1. Write own the first name of one or two friends, family members or
acquaintances who could hold you accountable to the moral obligation to be
Intelligent, Diligent, and Excellent.
■ Probably my high school friend, Ana.
○ 2. Now plan for what you are going to tell them about the course, your
commitment, and your goal.
■ Since Sir Ambeth is well known around the campus I’ll simply tell them
that I’m taking his class and lay out my commitment and my goals.
○ 3. Finally, write down how and when you will tell them about this.
■ I’ll tell them over the phone and ask them to check on me at whatever
time is convenient to them so that I don’t bother them too much.