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Activity 3

The research made was done scientifically because the researcher followed a step-by-step
process that helped construct an accurate depiction of the perceived hypotheses to answer whatever
question the study had. The researcher outlined the statement of the problems, did planning and
specified the methodology to how information or research findings be acquired. The statement of the
problem was delineated to extrapolate the gap in the existing knowledge that points to the need for
further understanding and investigation. This then necessitates the study to reach a viable solution.
Perchance, the statement of problems was answered based upon empirical observation retrieved from
the research instrument employed. The researcher used mixed method which was the combination of
the quantitative and qualitative research designs and adapted questionnaire in which the gathered data
were judged by perceived rigor in method to ensure and achieve confidence in the results of a study that
demands disciplined inquiry and appropriate statistical treatment. Moreover, the research contributed to a body
of knowledge by providing new information through ethical study design. The researcher hypothesized the
gap encountered during research procedure and formulated potential explanations for the phenomena
observed, tested hypotheses out with experiments, and analyzed results to see if they were right or
wrong. In selection of respondents, necessary parameters were used as statistical inference to meet
the respondents’ characteristics that are of interest of the researcher. Statement of hypothesis
purported the significant difference and correlation of the study to prove whether it has changes or the
same. In general, statement of the problems and methodology were carefully planned to address a
gap in knowledge, have adequate significant to contribute to the existing body of research and the
problems rendered themselves to investigation through collection of data leading an approach towards
solving the problem that are ethical and robust.