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earths tilt and seasons2

Seasons 2
1 This diagram shows the Earth at different times during the year.
a Copy the diagram, and draw in the missing picture of the Earth.
b Which season would it be in the UK for each position of the Earth?
2 When the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, what season is it in:
a the UK
b Australia?
3 How do these things change between summer and winter?
a the amount of daylight
b the temperature outdoors
c the height of the Sun in the sky.
4 These two shadows were made by the same stick at noon on different days.
a Which shadow was made in summer?
b Explain your answer to part a. Draw a diagram to help you to explain.
5 Copy the summer and winter sticks, and draw another one to show how long the shadow
would be in autumn.
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Exploring Science
• use a model to explain the seasons.
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