Seasonal Changes, Spring (Test Day: April 7)

Seasonal Changes, Spring
(Test Day: April 7)
Know that spring is a season and that things change during seasons.
Clothing– Know that we wear light pants, shorts, short sleeve shirts, light
jackets, sandals, sneakers
Plants and Trees – buds and blossoms grow on trees,
Animals – Know that we may see animals in the spring that we
didn’t in the winter (butterflies, bees, ants, frogs), that animals
migrate during the spring (returning back to where they were
before winter), that animals are no longer hibernating, and that
an animal’s fur will change again in thickness and color
Months –Some of the months of spring: March, April, and May
Temperature and Weather – warm, rainy, windy
Daylight and Activities: It gets darker later in the evening during the spring,
rotation of the moon, daylight savings time, during the spring people are
outside more (flying kites, picnics, etc.)
Students will need to be able to compare and contrast the three seasons we
have learned about (fall, winter, spring)