Seasons Brochure

Camille Cherry
LTEC 4100
During autumn, there is less
sunlight because the days are
beginning to get shorter.
Autumn is the time when trees
shed their leaves and change
from green to red, orange,
yellow, or brown before falling.
The weather begins to get
colder in Autumn.
Months: September, October,
Activities: leaf hunting, raking
leaves, pumpkin carving
Fun Fact: Pumpkins are used for
pies and Jack-o-Lanterns on
The Four Seasons
Seasons are parts of the
year that are caused by
changes in the weather.
There are four seasons:
 Winter
 Spring
 Summer
 Autumn
During the winter, the current
year-ends and a new year
begins. It is the season with
the shortest days and the
lowest temperatures. Snow,
sleet, hail, ice and freezing rain
are all types of weather that
occur during winter.
Months: December, January,
Activities: sledding, ice skating,
snowman building
Fun Fact: Trees and plant stop
growing during the winter.
The summer is the season with
the longest and warmest days
of the year. Summer is the time
of the year that allows people
to spend a great deal of time
outdoors. The weather is
mostly hot and the sun is
usually shining during the
During the spring, the days get
slightly warmer. Spring flowers
start to appear and birds begin
to build their nests. Weather in
the spring is very
unpredictable, some days it is
warm enough to play outside,
while other days it may be cold
enough to snow.
Months: March, April, May
Activities: gardening, plant
flowers, Easter egg hunting
Fun Fact: Animals begin to shed
their winter coats for the warmer
Months: June, July, August
Activities: swimming, go the
beach, sand castle building
Fun Fact: Summer is the time
when most kids have a long vacation
from school.