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Group Assignment

Assignment #1
As a group, select a business or corporate scandal in the last several decades that were either
discussed in class or one you have independently researched.
1. Describe the Company and provide a background on their business.
2. Describe the events leading up the scandal.
3. Provide a summary of the scandal and its impact on all parties.
4. What legal activities if any would have contributed to this event not occurring?
5. What were the reasons for the Company’s failures?
6. Were any other parties liable? If so, how?
7. Did the Company fail, the system fail, or a combination of the two? Explain.
8. What are some of the main lessons learned from the scandal?
Your response can be a maximum 10 pages, double spaced.
Please ensure all student’s names that contributed to the assignment are on the
document. Only ONE student per group needs to submit the assignment to the Dropbox
in Moodle.