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nclex notes misc

Metoclopramide (Reglan) used to treat delayed gastric emptying, GERD, and as antiemetic.
Associated with extrapyramidal side effects, including tardive dyskinesia (esp common in long term use
by elderly)
Client should call provider if experiencing:
Protruding or twisting of tongue
Lip smacking
puffing of cheeks
chewing movements
frowning or blinking
twisting fingers
twisted or rotated neck (torticollis)
normal side effects
Dry mouth
Consitpation or diarrhea
Hep B – newborns
Hep B is NOT contraindication to breastfeeding. Newborns should receive vaccine and immunoglobulin
within 12 hours oof birth
Rectal temp > 100.4 or <96.8 is "red flag" in neonate
Large body casts clients at risk for “Compartment syndrome”
MISC to study
Tubes flushed with 10-100 units heparin
When there is any suspicion of spinal in jury, use JAW THRUST MANEUVER on a FLAT HARD SURFACE
Patients coming out of Bronchoscopy are at risk of bleeding and compromised airways
Montelukast (singulair)) is leukotrine receptor blockers used to prevent asthma attacks but is not used
as rescue drug during asthma attack
Salmeterol is long term beta agonist used to prevent asthma attacks but is not used as rescue drug
during asthma attack
Beta blockers can cause cause bradycardia
BB’s: end in “olol” , carvedilol
Death rattles treated with atropine drops
Client recovering from vaginal hysterectomy should be monitored for bleeding – no more than 1
perineal pad per hour
Should be monitored for urinary renton, backache, decreased urine output, DVT symptoms
Placental abruption is a potential comlication for preclampsia