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CAP activity for prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells

Cap activity for Unit 1A: B.4A, B.4B, B.10C
C: Create your own drawing of both a plant and animal cell for the Eukaryotic cell
and then a bacteria cell for a Prokaryotic cell. You must have the following in each
of your drawings for them to count.
1. Must have all the organelles drawn for each cell, if the cell has organelles.
2. All organelles must be labeled with a brief description of what they do.
a. Example: Nucleus (protects DNA)
3. Drawings must be small enough to be glued into your notebooks.
A: In your opinion, rank the organelles of an animal cell, a plant cell, and a
bacteria cell in order of what you deem as most important to least important. For
each ranking, you must give a brief explanation for your reasoning. This must be
done for each cell, so a total of three lists, each organelle having a reason for its
rank in the lineup.
P: Grab a laptop and research a little about how cells were discovered. When was
the first cell every looked at under a microscope, who discovered that cells had
organelles, what were some previous misconceptions about cells that we know
better today because of the advancement of technology? Once you have a bit of
background, I want you to make a prediction based on this info. What would the
world be like today if cells were never discovered? Meaning, what if we knew
nothing about cells, what is inside them, what they do, and that they even exist?
There are no wrong predictions but you need to really think about this and write
enough to show that. Show me what you have written and I will let you know if
you are done. I want you to go crazy with this!!!! THINK THINK THINK THINK.