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Plant & Animal Cell Mystery!

Plant & Animal Cell Mystery!
You will work with your shoulder-partner or in a group of 3 for this lab activity. Please fill in the data
table with ​detailed​ supporting evidence for your claims. After data is collected, answer the analysis
questions in complete sentences. Label the diagrams on the back of this sheet.
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Plant or Animal Cell?
Observations and Supporting Evidence/Include Drawings
ANALYSIS​ : Answer in complete sentences
1. What is the function of a chloroplast? Why are chloroplasts found in plant cells and not animal cells?
2. Name an organelle that is clearly visible in animal cells under the light microscope and explain its
3. Many organelles are too small to be seen with a classroom microscope. List three important
organelles in plant or animal cells that are NOT visible and explain their function in the cell.
4. What are the key differences you can easily observe that distinguish plant cells from animal cells?
List at least two.
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