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Writer’s Workshop – A Cell’s Life
Cell Theory tells us that 1.) The cell is the basic unit of all life, 2.)
A variety of processes must be carried out in order for cells to
continue living, and 3.)All cells come from other cells. We have
studied a variety of organelles that contribute to carrying out
these processes. Your job is to create a fact based story that
depicts a cells life. You can be as creative as you like but your
story must include the facts we have learned that support cell
theory. Be sure to include the following elements as you write:
1. A description of element two of cell theory.
(processes to sustain life)
2. Why it is necessary for molecules to cross the cell
3. Mention at least 5 organelles in your story along
with their function in the cell.
4. Describe active transport and two types of active
5. Describe passive transport including diffusion and
6. Include these terms: homeostasis, equilibrium,
exocytosis, endocytosis, selectively permeable.
Be sure to make your story accurate and entertaining as
you tell us the story of a cell’s life!