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ways students select their courses in the senior high school

When you are in your final year at the JHS, it becomes necessary that you decide which course you
want to study in SHS. Whatever programme you choose to study would be the basis of your future
In selecting a course of study at the SHS, it is important that you take into consideration, the
subjects you find interesting, in other words subjects that you can easily grasp and understand in
order not to encounter many problems in the course of your study.
Often, students get influenced in their choice of courses in school because they follow their friends.
They choose a particular course because their friends are choosing the same course. When students
do that they realise it when it is sometimes too late, that they are not cut out for the programmes they
have opted for. Very often it might be too late to change the programme and that might eventually
affect their performance in the final exam. Students wrongly believe that for instance, brilliant
students offer the sciences and students usually get influenced by this and choose that course only to
realise later that it was the wrong field for them.
In view of this, it is always important to let your interest inform your choice of study rather than
following their friends blindly.
At the senior high school level, the core subjects include Maths, Science, English and Social
Studies. This means that, you have to pass these subjects before you can gain admission to any
higher institution of learning. You, therefore have no choice but to study them seriously. There are
also the elective subjects which you choose according to your interest and performance. It is always
advisable to select those that you are good in and also like. The options in SHS are the Arts,
Business, Sciences, Visual Arts, Technical Subjects and Home Economics.
In selecting a course of study, you can seek directives from your parents but if your parents cannot
be of assistance because they are not conversant with the subjects, it would be appropriate to seek
help from your teachers or elder siblings. They can guide you to select course you can study in SHS.
Despite all the effort that you would put in now, you also have to take your studies seriously when
you are in SHS to be able to perform well in your final exam.