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Mod 104 Study Guide

Mod 104 Study Guide
1. examples of muscle tissue except
2. characteristic of skeletal muscle?
3. heat produced by the body
4. indirect attachment of skeletal muscle to bone?
5. The end of the muscle that is attached to a movable part
6. stimulates skeletal muscle to contract
7. neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contractions
8. The energy source for muscle contractions is
9. A buildup of lactic acid in the muscles causes
10. Bending the elbow
11. Abduction
12. An antagonist
13. Orbicularis oculi
14. Orbicularis oris
15. muscles is responsible for closing the mouth during chewing?
16. Sternocleiodomastoid
17. muscles assist with inspiration
18. Diaphragm
19. muscles move and shoulder and upper arm
20. muscles is used to administer an IM injection?
21. muscles is/are used to flex the leg and extend the thigh?
22. Directions: Choose the best answer. Each question is worth 1.7 points.
23. What are the two main divisions of the nervous system (NS)?
24. The function of a neuron is to
25. region of communication between two neurons?
26. a chemical that transmits a nerve impulse across a synaptic cleft from one neuron to another
27. The cerebral cortex consists of
28. functions are controlled by the cerebral cortex?
29. function of the hypothalamus?
30. regulates rhythmic cycles in the body?
31. functions in body coordination, posture, and balance?
32. The spinal cord extends from
33. spinal reflex if you touch a hot stove?
34. The peripheral nervous system
35. characteristic of the autonomic nervous system?
36. How many pairs of spinal nerves are in the human body?