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By: Loke Yit Han, Jia YI, Jin Xuan
At elderly stage, many things become weaker, and many things take twice as long to do for
the adults.
Breathing and circulation become weaker
Skin becomes less elastic (signs of aging)
Muscles become weaker
Muscles and skins joins and bones become less flexible, individuals
become less mobile
Develop problems with arthritis
Risks of any sort of diseases
Life at the age of 65 usually involves slowing down if physical activities.
Individual at this stage become less able to solve
problems and cope with different. Some older
individual increase their ability to make wise
decision. the development of wisdom may
increase at this age.
Elderly are very emotional
Individuals continue to develop their sense of self as life progresses.The main
sense of old age is keeping their sense of self-esteem despite the problems that
can occur.
Elderly - social
Older individuals lead varied and different lives.Many retired people have a greater
opportunity for meeting and making new friends that they did while they were