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Falcon 3D Your Survey Engineering Consultants

Falcon 3D Middle East provides all-round survey and engineering
services to many infrastructures, construction, and development
projects. Given their cutting-edge surveying product offerings,
there is no doubt that Falcon 3D is one of the top GIS companies
in Dubai, UAE. In this article, we will explore the various services
Falcon 3D provides like drone mapping, 3D laser scanning, mobile
mapping, and concrete scanning and how it can benefit you.
Falcon 3D’s drone mapping technology enables you to have realtime project updates and a close-up inspection of remote sites,
rugged terrain and hard-to-reach structures. With products like
like senseFly eBee X and Phantom 4 RTK DJI, you can reduce
project costs, mitigate risks, facilitate informed decision making,
and improve the overall project quality.
As one of the leading survey companies in Dubai, Falcon 3D
engineers make use of industry-leading laser scanning products
like Leica P40 Scanner Station, FARO Focus3D X 330, and FARO
QuantumM ScanArm HD for providing rich 3D scan data that helps
to produce 2D drawings, 3D models and ortho-images of the
construction sites. This helps to identify constructability
challenges beforehand and measure project progress efficiently
With Falcon 3D’s mobile mapping solution, you can quickly and
efficiently collect a vast amount of accurate data and highresolution visuals. To assist with road survey, topographic
mapping, 3D modeling, and asset management, Falcon 3D offers
Trimble MX9 with 360° optical camera systems and LiDAR data
acquisition sensors that can be mounted on almost any type of
Falcon 3D’s concrete scanning and inspection services is a must
before cutting, coring, or drilling as it detects voids, post-tension
cables, rebar, electrical conduits, etc and helps prevent costly
damage in construction projects. For structural assessment,
concrete quality, and post-tension scanning, Falcon 3D offers
concrete scanning products like Pundit® Live Array Pro, Pundit
PL-200 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test Instrument, and
StructureScan™ Mini.
To select the right survey product for your project needs, get in
touch with the Falcon 3D Survey Engineering Consultants.
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