Platinum falcon flies in for the first Dubai Watch Week
The first edition of the Dubai Watch Week deserves to be hailed in style. Louis Moinet has chosen to
be one of the very first exhibitors – and to underscore the significance of the event, the Ateliers have
developed a unique timepiece made from platinum: the UAE Falcon.
The falcon is of major importance in both the history and the culture of the United Arab Emirates. Its
name means “purebred bird” in Arabic, and it forms an integral part of the daily life of Emiratis – not
least because it features on all their banknotes.
The same bird of prey also takes centre stage in this watch, sitting majestically atop the tourbillon,
grasping the hours and minutes hands between its claws. In the 47mm case, an original Louis Moinet
manual movement beats at a rhythm of 21,600 vibrations per hour, and boasts a guaranteed threeday power reserve. This very same movement is currently in the finals of the Tourbillon category of
the Chronometry Competition – a prestigious contest open to all brands, where Ateliers Louis Moinet
previously won a prize in 2013. The results will be announced on October 22, the last day of the Dubai
Watch Week.
The dial of the UAE Falcon is emblazoned with the four iconic colours of the United Arab Emirates flag:
black, symbolizing the country’s wealth of oil reserves; white, for its neutrality; green, for its rich
potential; and red, symbolizing the unity of the State.
The timepiece will be unveiled as an exclusive feature at the Dubai Watch Week, from October 18 to
22. Louis Moinet will be present on stand 9.
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