Applying the Terms

Applying the Terms
 Marketing is the process of developing,
promoting, and distributing goods and
services to meet customer wants and needs.
Goods: tangible (can touch)
 Example: pen, football, t-shirt
Services: intangible (cannot touch)
 Example: dry cleaner, waiter, teacher
Target Market: “focuses all marketing
decisions on the specific group of people you
want to reach”
EXAMPLE: The Target Market for the School
Store is high school students, parents, and
Falcon fans.
dividing the total market into smaller groups of
people who share specific needs & characteristics
Demographics: “statistics that describe a population
in terms of personal characteristics”
Income level
Used to describe Target Market
The marketing concept:“states that to make
a profit a business must focus all efforts on
satisfying the needs & wants of the
The marketing mix: “The 5 P’s”
 Product
 Place
 Price
 Promotion
 People (Target Market)
Students divide into teams of 2-3 people
 Design a new item for the BWHS school
store (may use to complete design)
 Apply the Marketing Mix to this new
 Create a PPT presentation to present to