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The 5 W Questions are :
• Who ?
• What ?
• Where ?
• When ?
• Why ?
Who is used to ask about persons.
• Who is setting next to you in the class?
• Who is the USA president?
What is used to ask about something.
• What are we learning today?
• What is your favourite subject?
Where is used to ask about location.
• Where is your school located?
• Where do you spend the summer
When is you used to ask about time.
• When does the school day end?
• When do people vote?
Why is used to ask about reason.
• Why do we sit at disks?
• Why do candidates run for office?
Open your L.P.pg.190,please.
Open your P.B.PG.94, please.
A candidate for student
council president.
Student council
Is he running for?
Lincoln Middle
Does he go to
Is the election?
September 29.
He feels he knows
Does he want to
how to lead.
be president?
Unit (4) / Reading (2)
4 kinds of sentences
Today, we will identify:
• What is a sentence.
• What are the kinds of sentences?
What is a sentence?
• A group
of words
There are four kinds of sentences
1. A declarative sentence:
A declarative sentence tells something, and
ends with a period (.).
Examples :
 Jumana went to Egypt for vocation.
 The snow covered the ground.
2. An interrogative sentence:
An interrogative sentence asks something,
and ends with a question mark (?).
Example :
 Do you have a pen?
 At what time you will be there?
3. An imperative sentence :
An imperative sentence gives a command, and
ends with a period (.).
Examples :
 Don’t put your feet on the table.
 Look at my new choose.
4. An exclamatory sentence:
Expresses strong feeling, and ends with an
exclamatory mark ( ! ).
Examples :
This was the best day of my life!
Ouch, that hurt!
Revising the four kinds of sentences
Shut the door.
It is raining outside.
You surprised me !
What kind of fruits do you like?
Unit (4)/Reading (2)
4 kinds of sentences
Kind of sentence
A declarative sentence tells
I am running for class president.
An interrogative sentence asks
Do you think she will win?
An imperative sentence gives a
Listen to my speech.
An exclamatory sentence expresses
strong feeling.
You were great!
Open your book, page 192, please.
Work in groups for 2 minutes to provide
the answers.
Open your P.B.Page. 95, please.