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Analogue digital converter Assignment 01 [Updated] Spring 2020

Analog & Digital Communication
Spring 2020
Analog & Digital Communication (EEE 330)
Assignment 01, BEEP VIII (A & B)
Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 2359 Hours Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Assignment must be done INDIVIDUALLY.
Assignment should be submitted online in GCR.
AU plagiarism policy applies to this assignment.
Refer to the introductory lecture for detailed instructions regarding assignment submission.
Only pdf version containing scanned copy of handwritten assignment is acceptable. No credit for any other
form. The file must be named you roll number + your name e.g. 160XXXYourname
Question # 01: CLO 01
a. Explain how Morse code can be transmitted using dots and dashes by amplitude modulation.
b. During PCM, Timing jitter causes the errors. List two ways to reduce the timing jitter.
c. List three fundamental disadvantages of digital modulation
d. Classify thermal noise as Energy or Power Signal. Justify your answer with mathematical proof.
e. A system’s composite impulse response is of raised cosine type. Calculate the allowed system
bandwidth to ensure the ISI free transmission if the roll off factor is given as 0.3 and theoretical
minimum bandwidth is 1.25 MHz. Assume that the signal is transmitted using 32 level PAM.
Course Instructor: Muhammad Tilal
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