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• To familiarize different ways of temperature measurements,
fixed points and transient response.
Test Procedure
• Connect the PRT100, Thermistor and K-type thermocouple
probes to the control console. The reading will read from the
display screen for each one of them.
• Fill the vacuum flask with ice and water mixture.
• Place all the temperature measurement devices to measure the
melting ice point. It should be a round zero degree Celsius.
Fill the stainless steel beaker with water and place the rubber
disk on, so you can place all the temperature measurement
inside the beaker. Place it on the heater.
• Record the reading until the water boils, the reference in the
measurement is PRT100.
Please see the following videos in addition to the one uploaded in
the blackboard.
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjse8sS800w
• https://www.tec-science.com/thermodynamics/temperature/ho