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y10 flowchart matter and chemistry

Classification of Matter
* fixed composition
¢ fixed properties
¢ variable composition
¢ variable properties
* components can be physically separated
¢ molecules held together by covalent bonds
¢ weak forces exist between molecules
¢ low melting points
* two or more non-metals
¢ covalent bond involves sharing of electrons
¢ made of 2 or more elements that are chemically combined
¢ can be chemically decomposedinto constituent elements
¢ metal and non-metal(s)
¢ 3-D lattice of ions
¢ ionic bonds extend throughout
made of atomsthatare all alike in size and chemical behaviour
¢ poorelectrical conductors
¢ the 92 ‘building blocks’ of matter
¢ goodelectrical conductors
¢ mobile valence electrons
¢ 3-D lattice of atoms
¢ covalent bonds extend throughout
¢ very high melting points