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Learning Log Response Guidelines

Learning Log Response Guidelines
What It Should Have
Title/author, and how much you read in the
20 minutes.
The difficulty of the reading.
Quotes from your reading.
Questions on what was read.
Things you figured out through your reading.
Things that confused you.
Are you easily distracted?
Comprehension check.
Why Should It Have It
So you can show if you are improving in your
reading ability.
To show what you thought were interesting &
what’s going on.
So you can find answers as you read.
To try to understand later on when you refer back
So you can see if you’re still getting distracted as
easily and what distracts you.
To see if you’re understanding it and to compare.
Consider the following prompts when reflecting on your reading:
 I wonder….
 I found ____________ to
 I began to think of….
overcome while I read
 I suppose….
 I don’t see….
 I used the following
 I like the idea of….
strategies throughout the
 I know the feeling of….
reading for the following
 I noticed….
 I was surprised…
 _____________ was
 I thought…
confusing, so I….
 If I had been…
 I didn’t read the whole
 Why did…
text because……
 Maybe…
 I picked this book to read
 What if….?
 This book was….(please
 A good word to describe
explain with examples
this book or my
from the text).
experience in reading it
would be…….
You can also write about:
 Quotes. Quote a part of the book or something you heard or read
that you think is an example of good writing. What did you like
about the quotation. What makes you feel this is good writing?
 Experiences or memories. How does this book make you think or
feel? Does the book remind you of anything? What comes to
mind? What kinds of ideas does this book give you for writing?
 Reactions. Do you love/hate/can’t stop reading this book? What
makes you feel that way?
 Questions. What confuses you? What don’t you understand?
Why did the author do something in a particular way? What would
you have done if you were the writer? What questions do you
have about your own writing? About observations of the world
around you?
 Evaluation. How does this book compare to others that you have
read? What makes it an effective/ineffective piece of writing?
Who would you recommend it to? Why?