Rubric for Nationally Know Obit person

Rubric for Nationally Know Obit person
Each one is worth two points, except the one.
____ Fills up one page, and has paragraphs that match the inverted
pyramid format
____ quotes are in quotation marks and are properly attributed
____ age of person
____ where they lived
____ reason why they died/location where they died (you’ll need to make
this up)
____ Grammar (no run ons/fragments)
____ more than two sources are used
____ quotes from friends/acquaintances of famous person
____ quotes from the person him or herself that talks about how
wonderful they are or how great their life is type of thing
____ reason why they are famous
____ awards
____ accomplishments in their lifetime
____ why they will be missed
___ title that you would want on your article (1 point)