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Unit 11 5.1

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Unit 11 5.1: Describe the importance of evaluating learning activities (WA)
After learning any activity, it is important to evaluate how the activity went. This is
because it gives both the children and staff member a chance to reflect on the learning
which has taken place and establish whether or not the learning objective was
It also gives us a chance to identify how the learning activity can be improved. We
could make suggestions how the activity can be made more effective in terms of pace,
resources or access. If the activity was simple we could think about way to make it
more challenging to stretch the Higher ability group.
It is also important to evaluate the behavior of the students during the task. If you find
that students are getting distracted or talking to each other then it is important to find
out the reasons for them being distracted. This could help the teacher change the
seating plan of the class.
By conducting the activity there has been lot of progress. Children have managed to
achieve what task they had to complete and secondly in future we need to plan more
exciting and challenging tasks for the children which will help them to be more alert
and focused on the task.