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Biodiversity and Population Mini-Lab

Chapters 4 and 5: Biodiversity and Population Mini-Lab
Find a population of organisms in this ecosystem. Answer the following questions about it:
1. What is the population? What are limiting factors for this population?
2. Of these factors, which ones are Density-Dependent and which ones are Density-Independent?
3. In the space below, draw a graph that shows how you think this population has changed over time. Include
disturbances, such as invasive species, habitat loss, drought, climate change, etc. that may have affected it. Include
the carrying capacity.
Biodiversity Assessment:
Toss your hula hoop into the woods randomly, and count the number of DIFFERENT species that lay within it. Then,
count the number of INDIVIDUALS there are of that species.
Number of Individuals
1. Use the terms species richness and species evenness to describe the data that you found.
2. In the forest, find a real-life example of genetic diversity, and draw or describe it below.
3. Find an example of the following threats to biodiversity, and describe HOW they affect biodiversity in this forest:
a. Habitat Loss
b. Habitat Fragmentation
c. Introduced Species
d. Pollution