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Transactional Communication Model

Effective Communication
 Communication is the process of exchanging ____________,
______________, and ______________ between two or more people.
 It includes more than just __________:
o __________ you say it – tone of voice
o __________ you say it – the intention
o __________ you say it – time of day, during argument
o __________ you don’t say – sometimes saying noting says a lot
o Your _________ language – facial expressions, gestures, and postures
 We are ____________ communicating
 Types of communication:
o ____________ - anything using the spoken language
o ____________ - includes letters, books, texts and considered a form
of verbal communication
o ____________ - includes body language, gestures, eye contact,
posture, dress, and symbols
 Effective communication:
o Need to understand the ____________________
o Involves understanding the _____________ and _____________
behind the message
o When you ____________________________, you are more likely to
have a _____________________________ and less likely to have an
unnecessary ____________ or stress.
 Criteria for effective communication:
o Being aware of your __________________
o _________________ and other non-verbal cues
o ________________ listening
o Responding and providing _______________
o Delivering a _______________ message
o ____________ or _____________ your message
o ______________ and _____________ of voice
o Asking questions to ____________ if you don’t understand or if you
feel the person you are communicating with doesn’t understand
 Barriers to effective communication:
o _____________ and out of control emotion
o Quick _______________ of others
o Inconsistent or negative body language
o Tone or volume of voice
o Lack of ____________ or being _________________
 Do’s:
o Listen
o Look the person in the eyes
o _______________________
o Resist distractions
o Be _____________________
o Consider their frame of mind, _______________ and _____________
 Don’ts:
o ________________
o Raise your voice or yell
o Call names or ___________
o Blame, force, or threaten
o Laugh at people
o Assume you _________________
o Make snap judgments
o Roll your eyes
Transactional Communication Model