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3D Model Proposal Template

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Model Proposal
Medicinal Chemistry: 3D Model
Summative: 20 points
Your 1 page description of your drug/disease and the model you will make should include, but is not limited to
the following: (Remember, this should be written in paragraph form and should NOT just be typed answers to
each question.)
After your research for your drug/disease is complete, you will choose some aspect of it to model. This model
must be comprehensive, something you create, and creative. Restrict your description to 1-2 pages, double
spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman. Give at least two references. Your model must be:
 3 dimensional
 Fit in a box 12 in x 12 in x 12 in (no more than 1 ft3) but be bigger than 6 in x 6 in x 6 in
 Accurately represent the feature you are attempting to model.
 Must be able to hang it from the ceiling (i.e. it can’t be too heavy!)
 Must qualify as a MODEL:
A larger version of what we think something ‘invisible’ looks like.
A representation of something we cannot see and cannot explain without a model.
Proposal for Model of your Drug/Disease Target:
What drug do you have? List both the common name and the chemical name.
What class of drugs does this belong to?
Who/what company discovered the drug? When did they discover it? (How old is the drug?)
What disease or symptom does the drug help mediate?
What are the biological and physical manifestations of the disease/symptom? (I.E. Depression is characterized
by a variety of neurological interactions, many of which affect the neurotransmitters serotonin and
norepinephrine, which can cause mood, sleep, behavioral and cognitive symptoms.) Be as detailed as possible!
Do you need a prescription for the drug or is it over the counter?
What is the mechanism for the drugs action? How does it work your body? Is it in pill form or does it require
injection? What receptors/ion channels/enzymes does it bind to? BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE!
What are the side effects of the drug? Are there any severe drug interactions to worry about? Is it possible to
overdose on this drug?
What aspect of the drug do you propose to model? Briefly describe your idea for the model. (You can include
pictures if you want.)
Exactly what materials are you using? Be as specific as possible for the drug and its target molecule—
most often they will be made from different materials.
Indicate where you have found information on this - REFERENCE something I can look up or provide me with
at least 2-3 online links.